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  Labored With Love: Let’s Have A Baby! was created to educate pregnant women and their families giving them the power to  take control over their pregnancy childbirth experience. When a woman finds out she is expecting she can be flooded with overwhelming thoughts and emotions. Labored With Love can help you sort through those thoughts, focusing on what is most important to you and walk you through your pregnancy. Knowing what to expect throughout pregnancy and birth as well as knowing how to facilitate open discussion with your health care provider, makes a world of difference in one’s overall experience and satisfaction of pregnancy and birth. Just as pregnant mothers may be unsure of what to expect, the families of these mothers may also find themselves unsure of their own roles. Labored With Love will help families adjust and learn ways in which they can engage and effectively support their mommy-to-be. Through the use of doula services, it is our desire to help unify the family unit empowering them with knowledge and resources to make their own decisions and move forward confident in their abilities.  

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" Lydia was great during my labor. This was my first and only child. I contacted her prior and requested her. At the time and date of my induction she made sure she was scheduled for that time and her service was exceptional and nothing short of amazing. She explained every procedure and helped me feel at ease. After delivery she continued to check on me and baby throughout. I couldn't have done this without her. She definitely made my first experience a nice and relaxed moment. I would definitely do it all over again and make sure I use her services again." ------Tiffany 

 "Greatest experience ever!!!! My daughter just had her second baby, my second gbaby! I was nervous because she had to have a c-section. Lydia was there from the beginning to the end. Her knowledge and bedside manner was the bombdigity! I had questions and she had answers! The comfort she gave me was awesome. I’m the gmama watching and waiting, so you can only imagine how the mother to be felt. Total awesomeness is what I experienced!!!!!!"-----Yulanda 

" I would recommend Lydia to anyone. I had a very tough pregnancy luckily I was blessed with awesome nurses. Her service was exceptional I was terrified to deliver my son but with her constant support, prayers, and reassurance everything was going to be ok I was so blessed to have a happy but most importantly safe delivery of a handsome little prince. So if you're looking for a great doula who will make sure all your needs are met, you're informed of everything that's going on try her out you won't regret it " -----Kendra 

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